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Squidoo Lenses

Tips for Eczema


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Two Italian Temptresses


Magical Italian Stationery


A Pickpocket's Tricks


Joyful And Playful Design: Alessi

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Sofia Coppola

Claudia Cardinale

Death in Italy


Italian Green Tea's Healing Powers

Fish Feeds Your Eyes

Death in Italy


Carla Bruni 

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The History of Gloves

Cucinelli Cashmere

Alessandro Dell'Acqua



La Perla

The Romantic Origins of Missoni

Everybody Copies Mummy - Elsa Schiaparelli




Sorelle Fontana

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The Beautiful Australian Dancer, Saharet

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The Fashion Revolutionary

These include articles about perfume, perfume bottles, film reviews and actresses.

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These include some of the articles I have written under the name of Viola Ashford. 


London: Ten Best Free Sites

Although London is an expensive city, many of its best sights, for example, The British Museum and The National Art Gallery, are free. Enjoy the expensive musicals, nightlife and trendy restaurants, but save yourself from spending too much money by visiting these great free sights.

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Victor Hugo's House in Paris

The great writer had an interest in interior design and his beautifully decorated apartment is well-worth seeing and free!

Victor Hugo's Book of Stone

How The Hunchback of Notre-Dame inspired the brilliant young architect  Le-Duc to restore Sully's great cathedral.

The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart

The most famous bookshop in the world is in...Paris.

Soir de Paris VI
Soir de Paris VI
20 in. x 28 in.
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Book and Film Reviews Online

These are book and film reviews published online in ezine.

Dreamy Shakespeare

Review of film 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

At First Sight: Blindsided by Love

Review of film 'At First Sight', starring Mira Sorvino and Val Kilmer

When Shadows Fall

This is a review of Lily Sommer's historical novel: When Shadows Fall.

The Golden Dress

Review of Australian novel: The Golden Dress by Marion Halligan

Paperback Hero

Review of Aussie film 'Paperback Hero' starring Claudia Karvan and Hugh Jackman

  The Very Thought of You: Not worth a Thought

Review of the film  'The Very Thought of You'. 

for Eczema
Death in Italy Death in Italy Claudia Cardinale Claudia Cardinale