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"Prince Vladimir of Kiev 987 brought orthodoxy to Russia from Byzantium intact. Vladimir had examined all the great religions of the world, sending emissaries order to determine what Russia's religion should be. He rejected the Muslims because the Russians could not live without drink, and he rejected Judiasm because he could not accept the condemnation to wander.  He rejected European Christianity because he saw 'no glory there.' But when his emissaries returned with word of Byzantium and its churches with thousands of shining light, the richness of its ornaments and vestments, its mosaics and jewels, he determined that Eastern Orthodoxy should be the religion of Russia, because God dwells in beauty."1.

(Morris, Mary, Wall to Wall: A Woman's Travels from Beijing to Berlin. Flamingo, London, 1993)

The Alexander Palace Website

This is a wonderful website and very interesting forum.  It focuses on Imperial Russia with a large selection of free online books, websites and articles.  The forum includes topics on all aspects of Russian history and sections on most of the European monarchies.

Information about Russia

A collection of links about Russia, including news, an illustrated history and tips for travellers.

Romanov webring

This is a webring with lots of excellent sites, mainly about Nicholas and Alexandra.

A Celebration of the Romanovs

Another excellent site about the Romanovs.

A Lecture about the Russian Revolution